About Dylan

Welcome all anime fans! This website will be used for gathering some of my favorite anime collectors editions on one website for purchase. My goal here is to gather all materials for one ultimate experience and make it easier for all of you to find what you are looking for.

My Life In Anime

I began my life enjoying anime in early grade school. I remember when I started to watch Yu-Gi-Oh and I tried so hard to get all the best and unique cards to create the ultimate deck. I spent hours researching the best cards and the best deals on them.

Further in my childhood, I eventually found show’s like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network. Following the show’s week after week used to be so thrilling to me I was completely captivated in the experience! Experiencing Goku and Vagita reaching Super Saiyan for the first time was absolutely breathtaking and one of the most memorable experiences in anime. Learning the secrets of Sasuke and his dark past, experiencing Naruto and Sasuke becoming best friends and then turning into a distant one sided friendship was definitely my first emotional feeling I’ve ever had in anime.

Helping Anime Fans

So basically I love finding the best collectors in anime and I figured it would be convenient to a lot of people to help narrow their search. I am working towards building a large verity of anime and gadgets that go with the respective show. I’m including action figures, toys, clothing, limited editions, and even the show itself. I’m going to create a website where fans can connect and experience new topics to their favorite show.

This website will be keeping track of all new and popping show that come out along with their merchandise. I’m going to keep all of us connected through new experiences and ideas through this website.


What I Want Anime to Accomplish

My mission in this website is to connect anime fans and showcase different collections in the website. I’m going to make it easy and effective for everyone to find what they may like in creative ways. My goal is to make sure that you come across some of the best and creative anime gadgets in one selection.

I will be keeping track of all new anime and keep up with what’s hot at the moment so your experience is as swift and fresh as it should be! I’m going to attract you to new show’s and new experience that are going on in the anime community so you don’t have to the work yourself.

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